Talking to the Students

ON Point Productions just wrapped up a jam packed week of filming. We visited Ithaca High School’s International Club on Tuesday and spoke to four students there — two Karen students who moved to the United States and began learning English in school, and two American students who are studying Chinese.

The next day, we visited Belle Sherman Elementary and filmed the afterschool Spanish program, where two Ithaca College students teach first, second and third-graders basic Spanish. We talked with some of the students as they colored an activity sheet, asking them what they liked about learning Spanish and participating in the club. We plan to return to the elementary school in a few weeks to interview Nicole and Kasie, the two IC student teachers, and ask parents why they chose to enroll their children in the Spanish program.

As we’ve continued to speak to more people, we’re beginning to hear similar responses when we ask them why learning a second language is so important. The elementary school students say learning Spanish is fun, while some of the older students say learning to speak another language brings them closer to another culture.

We’re excited to continue filming — we have shoots with Dr. Cathrene Connery and a few teachers planned for the next few weeks!


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