Final Stages: Editing, Editing, Editing

The Bilingual Bicycle is in its final stages of production! We’ve spent the last several weeks editing our footage and discussing at length how we’d like to visually tell this story on screen.

Today, we showed our second rough cut to the class and received some feedback and a few suggestions in return. It was refreshing to hear the feedback from a dozen people who haven’t been editing and thinking about the documentary for the past three to four months.

After considering their comments, we’ve realized that the aspect we need to work on the most for our final cut is our ending. We’ve talked a lot about just how we’d like to leave our audience after 10 minutes, and whichever quote or shot we use could send an entirely different message. Ultimately, we hope our documentary shows the importance of learning a second language and becoming bilingual, and we want our audience to consider taking on another language themselves.

With that in mind, we’ve chosen a few very specific shots for a closing montage, but we’re not giving anything away just yet…┬áStay tuned!