On Point Productions is a collaboration between Ithaca College journalism students Bianca Nicolosi and Nicole Ogrysko as part of a senior-level documentary journalism class. The documentary, “Bilingual Bicycle” will follow elementary, high school and college  students who are learning a second language. On Point Productions plans to portray students from a variety of backgrounds and demonstrate the challenges that come with learning a second language. Ultimately, the documentary will illustrate the importance of becoming bilingual. To accurately portray the process of learning a second language, On Point Productions plans to film featured students learning and interacting at school speak with teachers who teach English as a Second Language (ESL) or a second language in school. The final documentary will be shown at a class screening in May and will also be available online at the end of production. Please direct further questions about the documentary to Bianca and Nicole at onptproductions@gmail.com.

Bianca Nicolosi is a Journalism and Spanish student at Ithaca College preparing for graduation in May 2013. In her pursuit to receive two degrees she has learned to manage her time wisely, multi-task, ask questions, get the facts and be persistent. Upon graduation she hopes to work in the broadcast journalism field as a producer or reporter. If you would like to contact her please visit her online portfolio: www.bnicolosi.org

Nicole Ogrysko is a senior journalism and politics student at Ithaca College also planning for graduation come May 2013. She is an active member of WICB, Ithaca College’s student-run radio station, as news director. Her ultimate goal is to report and produce multimedia pieces for a public radio outlet.


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